Carlos Gardel

Abuelito* by Carlos Gardel    *grandfather

(translated into English by Google)

Take no more, grandfather, and leave the wine;
take no more, tatita, it’s a shame,
it’s ten o’clock, grandpa, and not a neighbor
He came to this table cheering up our dinner.
Take no more and tell me a story
of the time when his love lived,
that I, again, sitting on your knees,
I will listen very quietly and without speaking.

The poor grandfather, at my request,
containing your regrets,
made me sit by the fire
and thus he spoke to me:
Close the door, the light turns off,
that with the shadows comes my love.
That one day, long ago,
mourned my heart …

If you saw, you, what a black-eyed creole,
white complexion, smiling and playful,
of nice walk, retrechera and midwife,
carnation of love blossomed in my memories.
If you saw how eagerly I wanted her,
how eagerly we made our nest …
But she, cruel, destroying my soul, one day,
he cheated on me with my best partner.

Today the years are over me,
Death is already on the prowl,
old, shabby and broken,
I feel like I love her more …
You know, grandson, the cruel wound
that in this life I wanted to hide …
So, one night, sad and mourning
my poor grandfather made me cry …

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